About the Author Rod J Hamon

Rod J Hamon brings his knowledge of applied physics and astronomy to his work as a sci-fi author. He studied physics at what is now Solent University in Southampton and a few years ago the prestigious Royal Astronomical Society in London named him a fellow for his understanding of astronomy.

In addition to being featured in dozens of magazines around the world, Rod J Hamon also published a nonfiction book on the first European settlement of Australia.

Rod says,

“Even as a very young boy I was captivated by the writers of science fiction who had the power to transport the minds and bodies of their readers into mystical worlds often occupied by fiendish villains and to enter places where time travel was no obstacle.
I envied these writers and wanted to explore these fascinating realms of unreality for myself. It was for this reason that I began writing my own stories.
My aim has been to write stories that appeal to those who enjoy a good tale with twists and turns and surprise endings.
I sincerely hope you enjoy them.”

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